Really Red :: 10 Red things

1.  If Santa was a cookie, I do believe he would look just like this…

Red Velvet Black and White cookies recipe found here from Joy the Baker.  Her pics do these so much more justice.
Andi, Bobbi and I made these last weekend and we all agreed the chocolate side was the best so I iced the leftovers with only chocolate and crushed up candy canes and sprinkled them on top.  They were perfect for Dan’s Christmas work party.  Santa approved.

2.  In continuing with the red theme….here’s a little riddle for you:

Question:  What is red and green and yellow all over?

Hint – –

Give up?

Answer:  The pretty poinsettia in our living room after Quattro freaked out and peed on it.  BAD DOG!

How about some more red?

3. Red ribbon makes any tree more merry!

4.  I got so into the paper mache projects my fourth graders made just before break that I made a bunch of my own.  Here is one creation I made especially for my mama – she has a serious thing for candy canes.

and while this isn’t red, I can’t resist sharing my own little blue birdie

5.  Also seen at school giving me great joy throughout this month was the Charlie Brown tree my parents sent me.  No Christmas is complete with out a little red ball keeping you company.  Oh, Linus…you have my heart.

6.  And since I last blogged, we made the trek across Colorado and Kansas to Missouri in the wee hours of the night.  This red ball of fire greeted me during my four hour stretch of driving.

7.  I always smile when I see these snoopy red dog bowls kept at my parents house for our visits. 

8.  Hand picked holly can’t be beat.

9.  My ninth grade Art 1 at its finest – Santa in the Summer found here in monochromatic Red.

10.  And today I spent the better part of my time with my sweet Ma-Ma doing our twice annual shopping trip.  And no trip would be complete without Auntie Anne’s pretzels for lunch with some soda pop goodness.  Doesn’t she look terrific in red?

Today turned so gray I’m hoping it leads us to some white (with some red noses) if you know what I mean.  And I’m off to cheer on the crimson and blue Jayhawks.  Go KU!


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