Wishlist 2012 :: Evelyn

I realize it has been quite a while but let’s just jump into this thing like we are old friends that don’t need all that “catch up” to know that we are still great pals.  Mmmkay.

This post is for the fam so here you go!

(I wish I could site that original source but I don’t know for sure where it first came from!)
Little Girl will be nearly 16 months old by the time Christmas rolls around this year.  In thinking about her Christmas wishlist, we would like to keep it mostly simple as stated in “The Four Gift Rule”.
Melissa & Doug Shape, Model and Mold
Want:  The girl is loving some play-doh action these days!  She also seriously enjoys carrying items around the house and just recently started “pretending” as seen in feeding Copper with a spoon and some blocks.  She will also be receiving a play kitchen sink set-up from you-know-who so some great, very realistic play food items would be awesome.  She is very musical and appreciates anything with a good tune so she can shake her groove thing.  Carol (her sitter) also mentioned she is enjoying playing legos (the bigger kind) with her pal Alyssa.
Need:  We have mostly worn out the fun bibs we have and mama isn’t into washing cloth bibs so more bibs similar to these with a pocket that are easy to wipe or wash would be so very nice.
Wear:  We could also call this a need but we would love to have some more pjs.  It seems the slim fitting kinds with NO feet (footies drive that girl crazy!) are preferred in a 12-18 month size range.  (We also never met an outfit with an animal on the top that we didn’t just adore!)
Pantone: Colors
Read:  Baby girl LOVES dogs and fish.  But mama loves colors so this book or this book would be fun.  🙂
Peg People NATIVITY Set, Children Nativity Set, Wooden Nativity, Eco Friendly Christmas Decoration
And if you are in the market for a keepsake, I just ran across this sweet little nativity set.  I realize it is recommended for older tots but I think Evelyn would really enjoy it and do fine with the small parts.
Well, that was a fun chat.  Maybe I’ll just have to come back tomorrow!

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