A day in the life of Evelyn (according to Daddy)

Evelyn, three months old.  Picture sent from Dan’s phone to me at work.  Titled “Should be sleeping” 🙂

***Since I had to go back to work last week, Dan has had the privilege of taking care of the little Ms. on Thursday, Friday, and today (Monday).  Tomorrow is her first day with our sitter, Stephanie.  I had mucho to do to get ready for the day, one of them being a little write up of a loose schedule for Stephanie about what to expect of Evelyn.  After putting her down for the night, I came out of her room to find this little write-up according to Dan.  I’d say he’s got this whole thing figured out, a regular Mr. Mom if you will.  And to that, I am so very thankful.

A day in the life of Evelyn (according to Daddy)

Wake-up – Usually starts around 8 or 9 with some squeaks and sometimes a little crying to welcome the morning and get the blood flowing. A little play time and some food should follow shortly. She needs about four to six ounces at each feeding, but she may forget that and try and get by on three. She also needs a couple solid burps, one halfway thru the bottle, one at the end. She’s not always a big fan of burps, but she always needs them. She also needs to sit up for ten or twenty minutes after eating to keep the spit up down. While she’s hanging out, it’s play time and then a diaper change. We like to live by the motto “Eat, play, sleep.”

Hello, New Day – Including the essentials above, Evelyn likes to be awake for about an hour and a half and expires quickly if its much longer than that. Depending on her mood and the alignment of the planets she likes: laying on her zebra platmat, watching the ceiling fan and playing with her toys, sitting in her Bumbo and playing with her toys, being held in a wide variety of ways including like a football while you’re standing, riding frontward in the Moby, crying, sitting in her swing with the mobile, standing up in her jumper and generally being consoled about the hardships of life.

Mmm, Morning Nap – Evelyn goes down for naps best after a little holding with swaying/rocking and some pacifier time. Sometimes, she can go down with her eyes open and be happy. Other times, she can be totally out and then open her eyes when you lay her down. Nutty, but true. Be sure to put her on her belly and help her find her pacifier if she wants it. She’s great about holding it in with her cute little fist. If she fusses, pop the pacifier back in or blast some Weezer (new or old, she’s not a too cool hipster). Seriously, she goes to sleep better with some Pork and Beans. She’ll do the things she wants to do, by the way. Sometimes that means sleeping for an hour, sometimes its more like twenty minutes. One look in the mirror and she’s tickled pink. But really, if she gives you a run-around with the paci more than three times then she’s not really tuckered out enough for this so=called nap.

Lunch, Milk Again – Similar deal to the beginning of her day, but you’re a little more likely to see some smiles when she wakes up. She usually doesn’t get changed til a half hour after she’s eaten. Her diapers have four snaps showing and she doesn’t mind the diaper wash applied directly to her and then a little powder between the rolls for good measure.

Mmm, Longgg Afternoon Nap – If things go well, our little lady will sleep for two or three hours for her afternoon nap, though it may only be an hour. Sometimes she fights going down and she may or may not eat a couple more ounces of milk at this time, but once she’s down she’s out. If she wakes up, she may need changed, more food or someone or something to entertain her for an hour and a half or so.

Mom will be home around 4:15 so hurry up and get that nap in because she is always dying to see your cute face!

Baby Girl, you’re our favorite!


2 responses

  1. Kayla

    That’s Adorable! It’s amazing how much one little creature can consume most of your day. I’d love to get my Dans perspective on a day with both our boys. I have a feeling that every three lines or so would read “take a deep breath, try to relax, resume your attempt to relate to the mind of a 3 year old.”

    December 6, 2011 at 8:01 p

  2. Julie Sherriff

    Great job, Dan! It is crazy that such tiny little babies take up so big a chunk of time, but they do! I kept a little 12-hr diary last week when both Tyson and Brady were at our house and it was totally nuts!

    December 6, 2011 at 2:43 p

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