Happy Birthday, Sir!

Happy birthday Sir (aka g'pa)

Love from Baby Jay!

1.  First off, today is my dad’s big birthday!  How big, you ask?  How does 60 sound to you?

2.   The above pictures are from Evelyn to my dad for some birthday picture text loving.

3.   When we asked my dad what he wanted Evelyn to call him, he replied, “Sir”.

Most grandpa’s choose sweet names like Pa-Pa, but my dad?  Well, I guess, we’ll go with Sir… for now.

4.  Isn’t my Evelyn the sweetest little Baby Jay you’ve ever seen?

5.   Don’t you love her cute red top?  Yea, vintage is in and I like sharing my old hand-me- downs.  🙂

6.  Do you see those jeans?  Can’t help but sing “Baby’s got her blue jeans on!”  Lord, have mercy!

7.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD – we love you so much!


2 responses

  1. Joan Cochran

    Jen, So sweet, Evelyn is really growing…..and Happy Birthday to Sir PaPa….

    November 18, 2011 at 7:08 p

  2. mom

    Aren’t you sweet to share your clothes with Evelyn. She looks as sweet in them as you did. It’s Deja Vu’!

    November 18, 2011 at 8:57 p

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