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Two Months

Two months – You are over 8 weeks old!  I didn’t believe you had gotten any bigger but then I glanced back at your One Month photos and wow, how you have filled out.  You are no longer a scrawny little thing but instead have started to be an expressive, sometimes serious, sometimes smiley face little gal.  I love your button nose and the tiny little peeks at your now emerging right dimple.  You have a mad obsession with your hands – to suck on, to flail, to ball up into fists, you name it…they are your best friends.  Your sleeping is somewhat more predictable and seems to be becoming less and less at a time (BOOO only 3 hours at a time overnight) and if we could figure out how to get you to sleepytown before 12:30am we would all be a little less crazy, you silly night owl!

It may sound cliche but it really is hard to remember times without you.  We love you little Evelyn and are so glad we get to keep you forever, well… at least until you go to college.  One month at time though, right?