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The Power of Sparkle

La La Love You Poster, AquaHome Sweet Home Poster Yellow

Whenever I see a Sparkle Power print up for grabs in a giveaway, I always enter!  And for once (after two years of trying) I actually won my very own La La Love You print and a new Home Sweet Home print, how appropriate!  Whoo hoo.

Thanks to Candace for the goodies and thanks to Maggie over at Gussy for hosting the fantastic-ness…now if only I could win one of Gussy’s great new ruffle headbands.

Today: LOVED watching the So You Think You Can Dance finale.  Lauren was my favorite from Day 1.  I really wish staying up late to watch the amazing meteor shower was in the cards tonight but I am so beat.  This week of going back to teaching has worn me out and taken a toll on my sleeping habits – meaning, I can’t be a night owl anymore.  Bummer.  I also sort of had the same feeling tonight as I did back when I was about to start kindergarten.  There was so much anticipation – I was so excited about going to school.  I had my pink backpack, my school supplies, my new outfit and shoes.  It was pretty awesome.  Then, my parents told me I had to keep on going to kindergarten.  What?  I truly believed going to kindergarten was a one day thing.  I never knew it would last forever.  Boy, was I wrong.  And I suppose after four days into the back-to-teaching schedule, I can totally relate to my kinder self.  The newness is already wearing off a little.

Tomorrow: Last full day to get things into gear before we start for real on Monday.  Take it one step at a time and embrace the calm before the storm.  Weekend plans to kick off all things birthday are less than 24 hours away.




It wasn’t that bad.  I actually kinda had a little fun catching up with my co-workers and getting back into the groove.  We had meetings, we had lunch, we had time in our rooms.  It was all very familiar and comfortable.  Those are two good things for me when entering into a shift in circumstances.

Tomorrow will be a little longer with back-to-school night capping off the evening.  I’ve never had back-to-school night before school starts and I have also never had the same students consecutive years.  So, instead of tomorrow night being filled with fresh faces and strangers, it will be a lot like hanging out with old pals when I see the whole school of students.  Not bad.

making room

Summer is gone and school is here.   Tomorrow I will start the week-long process of going ‘back to school’, full of meetings and assessment days.  I allowed myself to absorb each moment of summer goodness and I don’t have any woulda, shoulda, coulda regrets which I believe helps going back not seem so terrible this time.  The *extra* sweetness of this summer is very fresh on my mind.

I am still holding on for sure but I am letting go just a little to make room for this next chapter.