Secret Baby Notes: weeks 12-15

his week I am sharing some posts that I saved as drafts about being pregnant.  I call them “Secret Baby Notes” because I wrote most of them before we shared our news with the world.  I wrote all of them quickly and never read them again until recently – boy, am I so glad I took the time to record those thoughts as I will cherish each of them forever.  I hope you enjoy them.

***Originally written on March 21, 2011***

Me, Pa-Pa, and Lisa – Palm Springs, March 2011

gone golfin

Palm Springs Palm Trees

Pa Pa relaxing

Ma Ma helping me discover my new love of Frozen Yogurt!

My mom and me in front of “the trees”

the obligatory Palm Springs flora

Dan and me for my last ski day at Copper this season

fun with our friends Jason and Cari

I knew it was my last day because I could barely zip my jacket – 13 weeks!

14 weeks – why do I always make those faces when I show my belly?

feeling good again

Oh holy moly, time sure is flying by.  I didn’t realize it had been so long since I checked in with our progress around these parts.

As mentioned in my last note, the upcoming weeks were full of fun and adventure.  Parent Teacher conference week was great because I was finally able to share the good news with my principal at school and then my colleagues.  What a relief to have the news out in the open since I was truly running out of clothing concealing options.  You are making your appearance and people can tell.  The news was well received and the three most common questions continue to be as follows:  1.  How are you feeling?  (said in a motherly tone).  2.  When are you due?  3.  And are you going to find out what you are having?  My answers are always as follows:  1.  Great, a little tired but doing well.  2.  September 3 (I know you are really due on Sept 11 but we all know that diabetes will bring you to us by Sept. 3rd).  3.  No, we want to have a surprise.  People are always so excited to hear we won’t be finding out and it makes me wonder how we are in the minority on this option of not finding out.  Funny stuff.

The big news at school also lead me to California and feeling so excited to tell more of my family in person.  I bought Ma-Ma a birthday card that said something along the lines of “I bet you never…” and on the inside I wrote I bet she had never been a great-grandma before and then signed it from Dan, Jennifer, and Baby Northcraft.  She was more than a little surprised and excited and we spent the rest of the day at the street fair swapping fun baby memories.  I loved spending time with my mom and Lisa and Pa-Pa, too.  We squeezed so much goodness into those 2 1/2 days.

Coming back to school was not as bad as I thought and I started getting more questions from students about my tummy.  My most favorite one came from an innocent little 3rd grade gal claiming she really needed to ask me something.  When I asked what she needed, thinking she was implying she needed the markers for her table, she straight up asked me if I was having a baby.  And when I responded with a yes, she prompted came back with a “um, yea…you can kinda tell.”  Point taken, little lady.  And that marks the beginning of the questions.  Even kindergartners are asking about you and the fifth graders are constantly checking in (they are so excited and it is really sweet) asking daily questions of, so how’s your baby?  Cuteness.

Second trimester has settled in around us and I can say for sure that things do seem easier.  I’m still tried and my back is a little sore but other annoying symptoms have disappeared.  I would think you might not be there but then I just look down and I know you are there.  I seem to have quite the sweet tooth and have settled back into my love of Starbucks.  I was quite happy with my green tea in the mornings and the thought of coffee was kinda gross but lately, the sweeter the drink the better…Decaf Iced Caramel Macchiottos?  Since when?  And just tonight I ate a whole bag of gummy bears.

Dan and I have started talking more and more about what your name should be.  We have funny conversations more so about what your name should not be and we laugh and laugh when we come up with names we both genuinely dislike.  Finding names we truly love is a lot more difficult.  We know we like more classic but not overused names.  We also like strong, short, bold names so long multinames are completely out.  I suppose we are making progress although we do still just call you Baby.

We have another appointment coming up this week – it should be the 16 week one but I’ll be in a little early since we will be out of town next week.  I don’t expect anything major from this one, just a simple check up like the last one.  Maybe another heart beat listen which is always fun.  The rest of this week looks pretty eventful as we will be heading home to Missouri for my Spring Break.  I am so extremely excited to see family but also a little anxious since Dan’s dad will be starting his chemo treatments.  The idea has been there but the news came quick that he would be starting treatments this week so we are very thankful we can take the time to be there in the midst of it all.

Everyone is getting excited to meet you little one.  **SO**excited!

***This is technically the last “Secret Baby Notes” but stayed tuned for some summaries of the following months!***

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2 responses

  1. Joan Cochran

    These will be wonderful memories for you, and Evelyn will read them smiling one day…..thanks for shareing with all us….

    October 17, 2011 at 5:21 p

  2. So cool that you thought to do this Jen! What an amazing thing for her to have some day. She is so cute.

    October 17, 2011 at 10:03 p

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