Secret Baby Notes: weeks 5-9

This week I am sharing some posts that I saved as drafts about being pregnant.  I call them “Secret Baby Notes” because I wrote most of them before we shared our news with the world.  I wrote all of them quickly and never read them again until recently – boy, am I so glad I took the time to record those thoughts as I will cherish each of them forever.  I hope you enjoy them.

***Originally written on February 6, 2011***

happy girl after satisfying my cookie craving

satisfying another craving with fried egg sandwhiches

the real 8 weeks

starting to show!

Oh Baby…it seems that is what we have taken to calling you.  You are still our Baby Jay but more often than not we call you first name “Oh” and last name “Baby”.  Sometimes you get blamed for things that may or may not be your fault such as making my stomach hurt after eating too fast, making my clothes fit uncomfortably, giving me gas, making me tired, making my blood sugars ridiculously high (bleh, 297), making my blood sugars ridiculously low (hello, 28?), and a smattering of other non-life-altering silly things.  We don’t really blame you its just that over the last few weeks, things have started shifting.  I am stalking my blood sugars so that you will have the safest place to keep growing and growing.

We have been to the doctor twice.  Our first visit on Jan. 20th was with a nurse midwife who we really loved.  She took time to hear us and answer our many questions about having you with the least amount of medical interference.  She assured your dad that ultrasounds are indeed safe and absolutely necessary.  Thank goodness too because we got to see you for the first time, you little white blob.  We also saw what I kinda already expected that we were not in fact 8 weeks along but actually only 6 weeks and 3 days.  My body is a little slower on the cycle train so I had imagined you were a little later to the game than all the online info suggested but I gotta say losing nearly 2 weeks in my head was a little tough.  I want to meet you and it looks like the projected date of arrival is Sept. 11, 2011.  However, with the good old diabetes factors heavy on our side, we will most definitely meet you no later than Sept. 3 and I say if you have anything to do with it, we will maybe even have another August birthday on our hands.

During this visit we also got to see your heart fluttering on the screen.  It was quite great but I will have to say it didn’t even compare to our latest check-up with the perinatologist and actually HEARING your fast little heart a beatin.  I knew it would be great but my, oh, my that was so special because until then it’s just been black and white blobs on the screen but being able to listen to you made it so very true and real and great.  I loved it.  Everything is still checking out great on you.  We get to go back to the midwife in four weeks much to our surprise so I just hope and pray this stinking diabetes can stay in check so that the perinatology appointments can stay at a minimum.

In other news, my cravings have been mostly normal thus far with the exception of that wild goose chase that lasted four days in search of hard glazed sugar cookies.  I know, what?  I don’t even really like cookies that much but I got it in my head that I really needed and wanted a glazed heart shaped sugar cookie.  Luckily you dad and I found a bakery that did just the trick and 6 cookies later, I am finally over that idea.  I think.  I guess I almost forgot about that two week period I was all about fried egg sandwiches for breakfast.  I actually woke up earlier to fix said sandwich but rather than my everyday-of-my-life morning cereal.  But, don’t worry, I still ate my fried egg sandwich in the car on the way to work…I can’t break too many habits.

I also have been feeling quite well – no morning sickness to speak of with the exception of occasional evening bloating and stomach pains.  I still get tired and go to bed almost two hours earlier than we used to but when I wake up, I am ready to roll for the day.  I wake up a lot at night and have to go the bathroom which is strange because I would NEVER have done that in the past.  I also get woken by a beeping or buzzing insulin pump/continuous glucose monitor quite a bit.  It likes to let me know hourly if I am high or low and after a few user adjustments, I have put a stop to that.  I need my beauty sleep!

We also found and bought your nursery bedding.  I wasn’t even shopping for it but when I saw the aqua and green and the price on craigslist, I couldn’t pass up the deal.  I felt a little silly telling the sellers that yes, we are expecting even though they couldn’t tell by looking. I know most people hold off on this purchase but since we won’t know if you are a he or a she until you get here, it didn’t make much sense to wait.  I love blue-green/aqua/turquoise and I hope you will too.

***Stay tuned for the next “Secret Baby Notes: weeks 9-11”***

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