Secret Baby Notes : THE News

This week I am sharing some posts that I saved as drafts about being pregnant.  I call them “Secret Baby Notes” because I wrote most of them before we shared our news with the world.  I wrote all of them quickly and never read them again until recently – boy, am I so glad I took the time to record those thoughts as I will cherish each of them forever.  I hope you enjoy them.

***Originally written January 3, 2011***

snowy New Years Day, 2011

New Years bread for the neighbors

Dan’s initial look of baby shock

My happy, happy, happy face after finding out

Dan coping with the news by eating ice cream straight out of the carton

We stayed the night at our good friends house for New Years Eve.  It had snowed recently so we stopped to take the first  picture above on our way home from their house on New Years Day.  We spent most of the day making bread to share with our neighbors and in the evening we headed to store for more ingredients.  As mentioned in my last secret baby notes post, I started doing some math while Dan was inside shopping.  I’m not much in to drama so when we got home from the store, I went straight to the bathroom.  I did the whole pee on a stick thing and tried not to take too much stock in the outcome.  I glanced down and saw the two pink lines and got a grin on my face.  I couldn’t believe it so I double checked the package just to make sure I was reading the results right – two lines meant pregnant!  I went in kitchen and told Dan I needed him to come with me.  He was making a salad and was confused.  I pointed to the stick and he said “Holy Sh*t”.  (I’m not so proud of that but he thinks its funny!)

We both made it back to the kitchen in a daze, silly grins on our faces.  We couldn’t really get it into our heads that this was the beginning of the journey.  Happy New Year!  We took pictures to mark the event and then went on with our evening – he made a salad and I Googled to find out your expected arrival date.  I was surprised to find out that since my last period was on Thanksgiving day, you should arrive on Sept. 1st.  In my head, I had added up 10 months (40 weeks) but September didn’t seem that far off.  We talked briefly about the fact that neither one of us wanted to find out if you were a boy or a girl.  Yeah!  Dan was thrilled that your timing wouldn’t interfere too much with ski season this year or the next.  You know…priorities, right?  As a teacher, I was somewhat concerned that a September arrival meant that starting school would be crazy.  But what could we do?  You are real and you are coming then and isn’t that what I always wanted?  The answer is YES!

***Stay tuned for the next “Secret Baby Notes:  Feeling the Early Effects”***

If you missed the first installment, click HERE for the background history.


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