December Photo Project :: Day 14, in the trees

Apparently, I have quite the tree collection from this Fall.  Here are a few tree photos before all the leaves fell.

As seen in Breckenridge.

Around the house…or, in Dan’s case, ON the house.

In Virginia.  I forgot how lush the trees can be, not like Colorado at all.

A tribute to one of my fall favorites from last year.

Our Christmas tree…to be added soon since I left my camera at work.

Today: Two more days of school this semester and boy do we all need a break.  The kids can’t seem to hear anything the teachers are saying anymore.

I am starting to feel the crunch of Christmas around here since one week from tonight we will be on our way to Missouri to spend the rest of this season with our family.  I made a promise to myself to not take things so seriously this year.  My natural tendency is to make Christmas everything and more but not in the whole Reason for the Season ways.  Don’t get me wrong, I am all over every bit of this time of year but I am just trying to keep things in perspective while still enjoying the little things that bring me such great joy.  I know the packages don’t have to be perfectly tied up with string but I do love creating something pretty.  So, in the silliness that is wrapping along with all the other silly traditions, I am seeking balance.  Joy but not anguish.  Going the extra mile but not losing the meaning.  Making but not exhausting.  And trying hard to keep these thoughts at the forefront of my mind.


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