December Photo Project :: Day 2

Just another day in the life of an art teacher.

First grade student in mid cut-and-paste of his jungle tree…

Student:  My great, great, great, great…great, great, great… grandma was Indian.

Me:  Really?

Student:  Yea!   She was Indian and also Russian.

Me:  Oh?

Student:  Yea, she was an Indian Russian.  She wasn’t at the first Thanksgiving though.  She was at a different one.

Me: …Hmmm… and then I walked away trying to recall the words so I could laugh later.


December Photo Project: I really thought about taking a lot of different pictures today but the camera never actually left my bag.  That could be mostly due to the fact that I was slaving away painting our Christmas program background for school during the little bit of evening daylight today.  So, I guess I’ll go ahead and cheat on only the second day of the photo-a-day-in-December challenge.

This one is from last year at this time and our OK Corral Christmas program.

Brenda is our PE teacher and she has a serious addiction to microphones and Michael Jackson.  As a Specials team of library, music, computers, and art, we do our best to back her up.  I call this “Brenda and the Specials.”

***Note:  we play a mean air guitar!***

The OK Corral will be hard to top with the Candy Cane Kid and all but I’ll be sure to update you with my review of Elfis and the Sleigh Riders by this time next week.


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