walking in the woods

**This silhouette is my favorite from the day.

**I love this KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) reminder!

I recently stole a few minutes away on a path in the woods during my art conference in Breckenridge last weekend.  The conference was jam packed full of things for my brain to chew on, soak up, and now I am currently stewing and brewing with thoughts about what my own creativity looks like and how I can share the beautiful gift of encouraging creativity in and with my students.  Such good stuff.

I also need to pick up the slack on sharing my photos with you all.  Seems like if I don’t get them out here into blog land, I stop pushing myself to take more since they just whither and die out in my Lightroom folders.  How tragic.   Time to fix that ASAP!

And, on another note, we have HEAT!  Dan has been slaving away removing the large contraptions of our old heating system and replacing it with a high efficiency furnace.  He is my hero, especially since it finally turned Fall here in Colorado and those nights in the 30’s get a little chilly in an 82 year old house.


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