more updates and more winning

these three succulent plants came to be my kitchen windowsill friends, how nice.

So Thursday was a two steps backward kind of day.  I think I hit the overwhelmed stage and I hit it hard.  I looked around the house and saw so much to do prior to move-in and I also tried the front room color on the wall and hated, hated, despised it.  When the going gets tough like that, it is best to just to go to bed and so I did.  When I arrived back to the house on Friday, after stopping for 30 more paint chips samples at Home Depot,  I re-picked a few colors I thought would be more lovely.  And when I held them up to the current color, they were nearly identical.  That’s when I put on my confident pants and told myself WHATEV!  Just go with it.  And that’s what we did.  Dan and I worked our powers together for awesome painting the front room, the bedroom ceilings, the ceiling trim in three rooms, the hall ceiling, and an entire bedroom.  Whoa.  My wrist hurts from the careful trim painting.  But we did it and it felt good to see such progress.  We even really liked the front room color.  Nighttime came again and I looked at the front room without the sunlight and hated the color all over again.  You guys, I know I am picky about color but when I wanted green for the front room – what was I thinking when I chose Wasabi?  In the day it is pleasant but when the light fades – watch out … the Oscar the Grouch green will get ya!

we just got a letter, we just got a letter!  Check it out, new mail in our very own mail slot.

In addition to the mad painting, we also got to check out some local fare.  We treated our week-long hard work by walking down the street to try out the brand new bar and grill freshly opened this weekend.  It has a nice vibe and I think we will be friends.  Dan also got to do a little demo in his future office.  He was nearly giddy with excitement to actually be wearing his tool belt for a project.  I sure like that guy.

On another super amazing note:  I got an email from my friend Kelly saying she saw I was a winner over at Smile and Wave.  Seriously?  A give-away winner twice in one month when I have never, ever won a give-away online before?  Hooray!  I do consider myself lucky because when I enter/call in for contests, I believe with all my being that I will win.  And I actually win quite a bit.  I don’t say that to toot my own horn, it’s just that I think you guys just need to play along more.  You can’t win if you don’t play!  So, yea…I won an awesome Gussy credit and I can’t wait to pick out a cute clutch or headband or two.  What a great Labor Day weekend start.

Now, back to the labor…lots more packing at the old house and more painting and cleaning at the new-old house.  I know I owe you guys a serious house tour and I am going to make it a goal to get a photo update of the inside and out before this long weekend is over.  Now, go enjoy some fresh air and BBQ.


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  1. Mom

    Michael Scott is the World’s Best Boss and you are the Best Art Teacher Ever!

    September 9, 2010 at 11:37 p

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