art that gives me energy

**NOTE: I am the best art TEATHER ever**

Here we go with another round of “this is what Jennifer thinks about” while painting, driving, reading stories about Rainbow fish to first graders, standing in line at Wal-Mart, walking the many, many aisles of Home Depot, again.

  • This week at school I got called Mr. Northkwaft repeatedly by a cute little well-dressed kindergarten guy.   This happened on picture day and he was currently wearing all black with a manly little gray tuxedo vest.  He looked quite swanky, even if he was calling me a dude.
  • I would love to create my own wall quote similar to this example by indie chick.  Something tells me I should take things one thing at a time though since we are currently just trying to get the walls painted and the house in living order right now.
  • I am also feeling strangely connected to Kelly Rae and her bungalow house renovation project.  Her colors seem to be nearly exactly the same palette as mine and I do believe we could be real life great friends if we ever met…you know…in real life.
  • Another artist blogger I admire is Kal Barteski.  I’ve done the GO!adventures with her and Elise online and now she is offering an online class:  Nurture Your Creativity + Be Bulletproof.  I told myself I didn’t have time.  I told myself September could very well be the busiest month I’ve ever experienced.  I told myself NO.  But then, this thing happened…I kept looking at it.  I kept being jealous of other people who could sign up.  One morning she said there were only 4 spots left available for the class.  So, I’m sure you know where this is going but, I clicked PAY and just like that – I was in the class and a little bit of my 30th birthday money was spent to fund my first online class adventure.  As much as I wanted to take the “boot camp/fast paced version”, I had enough self control to know that the slow and steady 5 week class would fit my lifestyle much better right now.  Can’t wait to spill out all my nurtured creativity with you all!
  • Before we closed on the house, I spent way too much time having fun designing our future bathroom remodel on the Lowe’s site.  I thought it was great and then I discovered and realized I could design pretty much every room in our house down to the last measurements of walls, windows and even furniture.  The 3-D feature is amazing for my overly-visual brain.  Don’t worry, I only had time to design an idea for our living room/dining room floorplan.  We’ll see how it turns out in real life.
  • Speaking of that whole real life thing – I better get back to my corner with my paint chips and continue rocking and humming to myself.  I may or may not be changing the living room (already painted once) and the dining room colors (put the color on the wall and realized my green was more baby food pea green than tranquil, calming green, sigh).  Back to the drawing boards.

p.s. Just saw this adorable print, cut, and color tea set pdf from the sweetest Arian Armstrong.  Any little girl I know would get some serious playtime out of that.

p.p.s.  I saved the following first grade student”s creation for last because it is sure to brighten your whole day.  I introduce Cooper’s name tag design.

When I asked him to tell me about his drawing, he informed me it was a frog.  Ohhhhh, right…of course, I knew that.  Choke, cough, HA!


One response

  1. bkwatt

    I can hardly wait to see what you guys do with your house! 🙂 You are soo talented. It will be great! I can hardly believe Kelly Rae’s! Wow! I love the room with the random wall paper…wait, I love pretty much the whole house. How did they know how to do all that? You figure it out and we’ll hire you next summer to help us do ours. 🙂

    September 3, 2010 at 12:32 p

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