house progress, the first update of many…

Just a Note – the information below is unedited and jumbled.  I don’t know if these thoughts and insights are more for me or you but, either way, if I don’t just stream them out there they will be lost forever.  So, here goes!

I will always remember this moment in time; this time of chaos, inspiration, exhaustion and excitement when ever I hear any of these four songs:  Dynamite, Billionaire, Love the Way you Lie, California Girls.

I will also always associate Switchfoot’s latest album Hello Hurricane with painting the many, many, many walls of this new home.

The biggest things we accomplished on our first full day at the house was pulling up the outdoor carpet on the front steps.  Bye, bye pigeon poo.  Except that the pigeons are still there for a few more days and, thus, so is their poo.

We also spent four hours and much, much more than $4 at Home Depot.  In that trip, I brought home the complete color palette for our walls in the form of 7 different paint colors.  I have since added 2 more ceiling colors.

Day two was quite productive.  We found, looked at, and bought a used washer and dryer set.  We also summoned the neighbor to help us move our ginormous refrigerator into the house from the truck (hi neighbor, nice to meet you … now, can you help us move this large appliance?   BTW, what is your name again?)  We conquered the brown in the kitchen and turned it into a nice shade of pewter.  Dan was able to install our new deadbolts and revive our old doorknob/plate.

We were both dead tired when we literally rolled ourselves out of bed this morning.  Turns out 2 1/2 days of serious decision making/shopping/buying/installing/painting/cleaning can do that to you.  After pushing through work we were back at it – more painting and more installing of deadbolts.  We decided the garage door jam and the make/shift doggie door cover up on the particle board door weren’t worth trying to salvage so we made another trip to Home Depot where we got a door and some more ceiling paint.  Picking out white/cream/gray for a ceiling is no easy feat.

School is going well.  I feel a good handle on my day-to-day tasks and it is more than fantastic to know the kids and their quirks and more than that to know myself and my quirks.  I have tried very hard to establish and set standards for routines I can live with and, so far, things are falling into place nicely.  I have a few lovely pictures and drawing to share from the wonderful world of kid’s artwork but I’m just too beat to get those loaded right now.  Soon, I promise.  My favorite kindergarten quote from this day was a conversation about the ocean with a little boy.  He told me about how crabs live in the ocean and that he has a permit crab at home.  Aww…I wonder if the crab will ever get a license to drive


2 responses

  1. Dan

    You’re the best. I like buying and fixing up old houses with you!


    August 31, 2010 at 11:09 p

  2. So happy for you guys! Your house is adorable and I know after all your hard work will be even cuter. I just love bungalows!

    September 1, 2010 at 10:45 p

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