The Power of Sparkle

La La Love You Poster, AquaHome Sweet Home Poster Yellow

Whenever I see a Sparkle Power print up for grabs in a giveaway, I always enter!  And for once (after two years of trying) I actually won my very own La La Love You print and a new Home Sweet Home print, how appropriate!  Whoo hoo.

Thanks to Candace for the goodies and thanks to Maggie over at Gussy for hosting the fantastic-ness…now if only I could win one of Gussy’s great new ruffle headbands.

Today: LOVED watching the So You Think You Can Dance finale.  Lauren was my favorite from Day 1.  I really wish staying up late to watch the amazing meteor shower was in the cards tonight but I am so beat.  This week of going back to teaching has worn me out and taken a toll on my sleeping habits – meaning, I can’t be a night owl anymore.  Bummer.  I also sort of had the same feeling tonight as I did back when I was about to start kindergarten.  There was so much anticipation – I was so excited about going to school.  I had my pink backpack, my school supplies, my new outfit and shoes.  It was pretty awesome.  Then, my parents told me I had to keep on going to kindergarten.  What?  I truly believed going to kindergarten was a one day thing.  I never knew it would last forever.  Boy, was I wrong.  And I suppose after four days into the back-to-teaching schedule, I can totally relate to my kinder self.  The newness is already wearing off a little.

Tomorrow: Last full day to get things into gear before we start for real on Monday.  Take it one step at a time and embrace the calm before the storm.  Weekend plans to kick off all things birthday are less than 24 hours away.


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