technical difficulties

One of these days I am going to share some photos of this amazing mug my dad got me at a recent art fair.  I attempted to take some pictures of the awesomeness that is my new mug when I realized I had left my camera on and the battery was dead.  Never fear, I thought to myself…I can use my Radio Shack back-up battery I scored last week before the wedding for a mere $4.87.  What a deal – I bought two!  Upon putting the battery in my camera, I quickly realized that this battery did indeed fit, however, it fit so well that it would not come out.  It also registered as a low battery even though I had just charged it.  Major fail Radio Shack dude…not cool.

So, I freaked a little realizing that this battery was completely lodged into my camera and, with no luck of prying it out, I turned to my friend Google to see if anyone else in the whole wide world had ever had this dilemma.  A quick click to a forum entitled “Fix Ya” lead me to 7 other people who had also encountered this exact problem.  I went back to the camera to try a few of their suggestions and while I was digging around for a paper clip, I heard a strange alert on my computer.  It was one of those banging/clanging ones that usually accompanies the kind of alerts that seem to yell – are you sure you want to do this, you big fat dummy? It was not the friendly, sweet chime that occurs when you turn the computer on or finish uploading a cd.   Upon further inspection, this angry sound was the sound of my computer being infected with millions of pesky misquitos and horse flies – I hate horseflies.  When I tried to close or open new windows or restart my computer, the angry bugs would continue to clang and buzz at me.  No good, no good.  I had planned on working on wedding editing.  After a call to Dan to inform him that while trying to repair my disabled camera, my computer got a whacked out bug virus and then he told me I was not allowed to touch any more electronic devices for the day.  It was then that I could only think of things I needed/wanted to do involving all things electronic.  Sigh.

Fast forward to now and I am sitting at Panera preparing to edit some photos and all is well.  Mr. Magic Man Dan came home and vice gripped the battery out while running scans and de-bugging my computer.  He’s my hero. We celebrated by taking a stroll at Larimer Square downtown and stopping by the nearby fair on the way home.  If I hadn’t already eaten, that hand dipped honey corn dog would have been mine.  Lessons learned – I certainly will not be forgetting to renew my anti-virus software any time soon and I will always make sure to double check the Radio Shack dude’s advice.


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  1. Julie

    Glad everything is okay now. Sounds like a harrowing experience. We’ve had issues with some of the off-the-wall batteries too. No fair to prey on us poor innocent people! Bet you’ll be glad to see R&T next week!

    June 26, 2010 at 5:21 p

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