more Weston

Oh my, we are on thunderstorm #4 for this day.  So much rain.  And to think I rented two lenses to try out this weekend and I only found a few moments here and there between torrential downpours.  Silly Missouri weather.  I just cross my fingers that the wet, drippy weather will be working itself out of here by this time Saturday for the wedding.  I hope, I hope, I hope!

We did manage to squeeze in some shopping, a tennis ball game of soggy baseball with paper plate bases, and chasing lightning bugs.  Maybe someday soon we will see the sun for more than an hour and those slides at Schlitterbahn will be ours!

The sun was in full force for a few more Weston, MO pictures so we stopped and explored a tobacco barn.  The light was quite dreamy streaming in the ventilation slots.

**sneaking a peek inside before we discovered the open door in back.

views from the inside

The forecast for tomorrow:  more rain! which equals maybe some bowling and Border’s visits.  We still know how to party, oh yea.


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