Attitude Adjustment

recent Denver storm rolling in

Today was full of teeth cleaning, hair cutting, driving up and down roads near the church to find wedding portrait locations, mall stopping, raining, raining, raining.  Amidst all of that, I know I was little off today.   I think I am missing home in Denver, Dan and the doggies.  I worked so hard to get myself to KC and now that I’m here…I kinda feel like now what?  Oh, YEAH, THAT WEDDING THING IS COMING UP!   My capital letters are not to indicate words said with a cheerful tone.  No, they are more like words said with an edge to them that could cut through the stone coaster I’m currently staring at next to my computer.  Sharp – which I guess explains the funky mood I’ve been in all day.  I am feeling overwhelmed/defeated right now.  I need to rent some equipment and the amount of questions that keep piling up in my head each time I add things to my “online cart” cause me to close the window only to start again 2 hours later.  BOO!  That is no way to check things off the list.

So today was a moving forward/moving backwards kind of a day and I am bound and determined to make tomorrow count so no more of this boohoo poopoo.  I have a lunch date with my grandparents and some items to deliver to an old friend.  Tomorrow must be better and I will continue to self-pep talk until it is.  No more ants.

stop the bullets and negative thoughts!

focus on the sunshine through the raindrops


One response

  1. friend! Don’t get too stressed about equipment! Call me if you need help figuring that out! You are going to do just fine.

    June 9, 2010 at 3:07 p

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