the last day and kinder thoughts

Today was our official last day of school.  Our field day came and went without a hitch besides the brief lightning but no rain delay.  I worked with Kindergarten (gasp!) in the morning and afternoon (gasp!) and loved it (gasp!).  I was honestly a little emotional today watching those particular kids walk across the little white bridge for their kindergarten graduation today.  I cracked up at their future life ambitions and kindergarten advice as read by their teachers while they were introduced.  Among the mix were doctor, dentist, cop, ninja, princess, McDonald’s worker, football player, teacher, paleontologist, person who blows up buildings, and sign holder.  The best advice usually had to do with not hitting others, keeping a hug and bubble in the hallway, and not moving their clip to red.  Excellent life advice.

Even after an evening of convincing myself that it is indeed summer, I still can’t believe it.  I have a feeling tomorrow, when I drive away from school for the last time until August, reality might start to set in.  I can do whatever I want.  Amazing and unbelievable…I am so very grateful.


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