sorta summer

Just stopping in to say howdy and that today was my last day of teaching for this school year.  Sure, yea…we have a few more days at school but students won’t be in art any more this year.  Can we all just pause and all do a little crazy happy dance right now?  I mean, for real.  Slide that chair back from the desk and wiggle a little for me.  There, doesn’t that feel good!  I know many other teacher peeps out there still have some time left in the school year but I will be happy to do a jig when your time comes as well.  Summer is such a magnificent thing that I surely won’t take for granted any time soon since I have been on the other end of the no-summer stick the past few years.  Two and half months of summer bliss.  Ahhh.

In the meantime, it is 11:57pm and my throat is feeling scratchy and my body a little achey.  We have field day plus rain forecasted for tomorrow so I need to take care but instead just started a baby shower project/painting for a co-worker.  I may have forgotten about that shower after school tomorrow.  I could just give her a gift card but that would just be responsible and not ME.  So, back to the paint.


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