bits of my weekend, vol. 1

This weekend started out crazy with our school dance on Friday night.  It was a fun luau with lots of improv dancing.  I even won a prize.  I didn’t have any specific plans for the rest of the weekend so I got to catch up on sleep and avoid putting away my laundry.  Dan had to work on Saturday so I wasted the day away.  I was much more productive today while Dan had fun on the slopes with his buddy at A-Basin.  I used up several gift cards starting at Starbucks, stopping at a spa to get my legs waxed (some gals prefer massages but I prefer to get the hair ripped out of my legs!) and ending at Wal-Mart for an exchange plus a  plant and some cool turquoise nail polish.  The weather was awesome and while I was working in the garden, Dan called to see if it was cool for Chris and Rachel to come for dinner.  We cleaned up a bit and grilled out tonight for the first time this season.  We also ended the chilly evening on the deck with our chiminea and some cold puppies.

I’ve got some crazy fun times coming my way including Tuesday being my last day with students.  I am all kinds of excited although I can’t quite wrap my brain around having so much free time.  Thing for next week are brewing and I will surely share as things unfold.  In the meantime, I still have blog posts promised and school things for the rest of this week but I’m trying my best to sit back and enjoy the ride.


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