origami & running around like a chicken with my head cut off

ack…Today began a little on the late side.  In addition to hitting the snooze,I apparently turned the alarm off.  Rats! do I hate beginning a week behind.  I actually got out of bed when I had planned on leaving for school but nonetheless arrived at my normal time which was not the early time I needed in order to be ready for today.

It was go – go – go with several bumps along the way.  I’ll hand it to the kids, they were pretty mild compared to last week and seeing as this is our last full week.  I was rushing around as my first class was leaving when wham-o I squirted white paint down the front of my two layered shirts.  Think ketchup pump at McDonald’s gone wrong except mine was white paint.  Bummer, dude.  I had to rush off down the hall to retrieve a “staff” shirt and did a quick switch in the teacher’s lounge only to waltz in with my kindergarten class.  I do believe I only made two kids cry during that class since they couldn’t get the pipe cleaners threaded through the holes for their art book.  Third grade came in wild-like and continued to struggle.  I may have lost my cool when they all started repeating my name over and over yelling my name because they couldn’t figure out how to finish folding their origami puppy because they hadn’t followed the directions correctly.  I couldn’t take it anymore and told them to throw the paper in the trash on the way out the door.  Mission failed.  However,  as luck would have it two of the less favorite fifth grade boys were absent today so it made our origami much more enjoyable.

I caught my breath for a second while regrouping for the afternoon.   Things went mostly smooth except for the multiple crying first grade students.  What is it with the crying?  I can’t handle it.  I know you cut out your pear shape for your fruit face and then cut it into four pieces and when you went to put it back together, you could only find three pieces.  It’s not a big deal…make another one…MOVE ON!  But no, the crying occurred.

When they left, I did  a quick round up of what not to do for tomorrow so I can hopefully avoid the crying like today and jetted out to my endocrinology appointment.  Overall, it was a positive experience although I got a low blood sugar as I was heading out and in my stuper, decided it would be a good idea to consume the brownie I saved from lunch.  It was a good idea to eat it but it was a bad idea to not check my blood sugar again to correct the overdose of carbs and the result was a major high blood sugar.  Bummer, dude.  That dang blood sugar pendulum is so not my diabetic friend.

So all this yammering just to brief you on my day and keep my promise of blogging out the rest of my school year.  I suppose right now is as good a time as any to share about my recent love affair with origami.  I always thought it was nice but never really knew what to do with it until I checked out a geeky video from the library.  Throughout this school year, I create a different theme for my Friday classes and I have spent the last month working through some origami activities with the kids.  We started out easy with a boat and then moved onto a duck and then an owl bookmark.  My favorite is the puppy.   If you are looking for a fun activity to pass the time with kids, I suggest checking out activity tv.  They have step-by-step directions but mostly importantly – they have video.  Seeing the folding is really great because you can pause and go back if you need to.

I also came across this cool site that has quite the variety of folded animals.

Origami Club

I might need to try this one.

And you know I like this one, too.

Origami is a great lesson on following directions and, more than that, the kids really get into it because there is generally an aha! moment where the flat piece of paper magically turns into something cool.   Go ahead and give it a try.


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