09-10 ski season ends

This post is long overdue (4/18!!) but the end of this school year is just zapping the life out of me.  Two weeks from today school will be completely and totally DONE.  No more paint, no more first graders, no more planning, no more tattling, no more packing a lunch…the light at the end of the tunnel is so close!

The end of my ski season was bittersweet.  For some reason, this year never really came together.  I had some great times (HERE, HERE, and HERE) but we didn’t get as many big storms and, due to Dan’s work schedule, we had to ski more Sundays so we missed skiing with friends on Saturdays.   Overall, it was still a great season but just not as fantastic as we would have liked.

Dan was able to reach his season goal of doing a back flip on skies in the terrain park.  He worked hard – as seen here – at Woodward and it finally paid off.  He still took a few spills and I was nervous as heck every time he went off but I was also so proud to see that full turn!

Take a look!

We closed down the slopes with the traditional tail gate celebration and had fun with the pups in the parking lot.

Only another 6 months before we start all over again and I see that smile on Dan’s face return.

P.S.  I am also proud of Dan for keeping up with his ski blog for the whole season (complete with a backflip wipeout video)!


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