…makes the world go ROUND

Letterpress Coasters Set of 9 with Bag

“Things that are Round” coasters by 1canoe2

Oh man, aren’t these letterpressed “Things That Are Round” coasters the cutest!?  Missouri artists Beth and Carrie put them together and they come with a sweet little bag.  What is it about round things that just gets to me?

I also really love this and kinda wish I could get a print and hang it on my wall.

Take Out Beverage Lids by sarcoptiform.

Take out lids found HERE via swissmiss

and while I’m going round — these are awesome also!

Tarnished Dimes by sarcoptiform.

tarnished dimes also from HERE.


2 responses

  1. Julie

    My favorite of the three works of art happen to be the dimes, followed by the lids. It is so weird how our brains and emotions work together to evoke a reaction to artwork, don’t you think?

    I may have an art project for you this summer. When do you plan to come home – are you teaching or will you be able to spend some time here?

    May 6, 2010 at 10:14 p

    • Jen

      ohhhh, a project! Sounds like fun. Dan and I will be home around June 19th. I am working on Tuesdays at the rec. camp but I will have some time to play! We’ll be in touch.

      May 6, 2010 at 10:54 p

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