sky play :: part 3

It’s been awhile since I shared any sky play and I figured it was time.  There was no chance for any jet streams today with the wild wind we were having.  Seriously, I saw white caps on the pond on my drive home.  I also passed those poor high school track students and remembered the days of coaching and how every track we ran seemed to be a wind magnet.

Today is Tuesday and by that I mean, if I can make it through my Tuesday classes, it is all downhill from here.  I only had to take four deep breaths during my first grade class and that is one less than I had to take last week.  Those six-year-olds never cease to exhaust me.  I me, I truly enjoy their enthusiasm but they have no idea when to use it and when to just put a cork in it.  Wow.  Nonetheless, the number of days I will have them in art again this year is less than one hand so I will rejoice in that.  I will say that I love knowing that the effort and work going into this school year will actually pay off because for the first time in my 6+ years in education, I will have the same kids again next year.  It will be so awesome to have some common ground and see the fruits of our my labor.

Ok, enough about school.   This week is still full of getting ready for the student art show, Crafty Ballyhoo, and closing down the ski season.  Let’s get ready to rumble…


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