Oh Baby :: Bobbi’s Baby Shower Brunch

Andi and I had tons of fun putting together Bobbi’s Baby Shower Brunch.

Andi did most of the work but had fun chipping in with the decor and extras!

Bobbi and her fam.

I couldn’t resist drawing/decorating some wooden eggs.  Remind you of anything??

Decorating Onesies for the baby girl.

Did I mention Bobbi is a serious cyclist?

Big THANKS to Ann for opening up her beautiful home and being such a great hostess.

Creating our Alphabet Book pages.

Cake Time!  Bobbi’s friend, Lindsay, made the cake and it was gorgeous and delish!  Way to go Iced Expressions.  And check out Andi’s cute diaper cake.

Precious presents.

Andi and Me

Overall, I would say the day went great! Andi and Ann did an amazing job coordinating the food and planning.

I had a blast gathering baby shower ideas for the decor by searching Apartment Therapy’s OhDeeOh site.  It has all things cute and kids.

Here are a few points of inspiration:

  • modern mobile –  A cute way to use an embroidery hoop and circles.  I didn’t end up needing this but I am definitely going to remember it.
  • simple sticker garland – I loved the idea of using label stickers to get this cute look.  I used Ric Rack and some cute Easter felt flower stickers and then used hot glue to add buttons in a pattern.
  • ABC keepsake book – Awesome baby shower book created by the guests!  Each person got a page with a letter on it.  We had them draw a picture to go along with the letter then sign it and write out some baby advice.  We went in letter order to present and introduce ourselves and how we knew Bobbi.
  • folded paper fan circles – So simple and such a bang for the (cheap) buck!  I used these as a major inspiration.  I bought 12 x 12 scrapbook paper sheets and used two per circle.  Fan fold each sheet then fold in half and staple them together.  Tape on some ribbon and hang!

I’m so looking forward to getting some more belly shots with Bobbi soon.  And we all can’t wait to meet Lil Mil in just a few weeks!


3 responses

  1. Katherine Grousnick

    I love some of those decorating ideas! The clothes line is so creative, I will have to remember that!! Thank you for sharing!

    March 31, 2010 at 6:00 p

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  3. Janice pope

    These Diaper cakes are getting really popular this year – love the work was going to design one for my niece she lives in the UK but found this site Nappy Cakes Gift they have some nice gifts.

    April 17, 2010 at 5:02 p

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