CAKE :: going the distance with a short skirt and a long jacket

Waaaaaay back in October, on my way home from parent-teacher conferences, I responded to KBCO’s “text to win” prompt on the radio.  I heard tickets to CAKE were involved so I figured two texts were better than one.  Two days later I got a call at school saying I had won two tickets to see CAKE perform at E-Town in Boulder – a live radio show taping/concert.  Dan and I have always talked about going to one of these shows so I was pumped to get in for free, especially to see a band I know and like.

We went to the Sunday night show at the Boulder Theater and I compare the experience to a live dinner theater, minus the dinner, plus a cash bar.  There were commercials, music sets, interviews, live audience participation, sponsors, and a show down of musical sorts.  CAKE does some cool stuff with solar panels, trumpets, and a Vibraslap.  Overall, a really fun and unexpected time.

They are (finally) currently running the CAKE show on the radio from March 24-30.  Click HERE to find an E-Town radio station near you.


Whooohooo!  After an extra long Monday and Tuesday, coupled with a Community Learning Night hosted by our “Specials” team, a blizzard and a snow day (YEEHAH!) I finally arrived to today.  Despite an unpleasant meeting with our accountant tonight, nothing can ruin tomorrow.  Spring Break, baby!  No school tomorrow and no school all next week equals 10 total days of happy Jennifer.  I will be sure to check in often to let you know how much havoc we are wreaking fun we are having.


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