I knew this week would be full and it continues to exhaust me.  This Spring forward business is for the birds.

My tiredness might also be from the whirlwind weekend.  We did finally make it to Steamboat after skipping the Friday night drive and opting for extra sleep and a daytime drive on Saturday.  We got to the lifts and met our friends around 12:30.

Slope-side lunch break.

We only took a few runs because it was warm – as in HOT and the snow was all mashed potato-like.  I might have had some low blood sugar issues because no one was as hot as I was.  I could not take off enough layers – no gloves, no goggle, sweating like crazy.  All of these things lead to less than awesome skiing.

When we got up on Sunday, we found out all the lifts were closed due to high winds.  We continued to check the phone line for the lifts all day.  When they finally opened everything at 1:45pm we opted to keep shopping on the main street instead.  Note to Steamboat:  YOU STINK!  After 11 ski days over the past five years, I do believe I have only really enjoyed one quality ski day.  One in eleven is not enough to make me come back any time soon.  Ahem, please parden my rant.

We did have tons of fun at the Old Town Hot Springs on Saturday night.  The family friendly place was clean and comfortable – a little different than the pitch black “clothing optional” Strawberry Springs I wrote about last year. 😮

The best part of the weekend though was the condo our friends reserved.  We had an amazing time flashing back to yesteryear.  No joke, this place was straight out of three decades ago.  Very retro and not in the new chic modern way but still somehow awesome.  Since I had some time on Sunday, I took some time to appreciate these little tidbits of fabulous textures and colors.

I loved the sink/vanity combo in the hallway.  Smart use of space but not so private.

My all-time favorites were a toss up between the Elmo red carpet and the the faux tile carpet.  All I can say is…totally classic.

Dan and I packed up and headed home at 5 on Sunday night.  After a bad infusion set with my insulin pump (ie. very high blood sugar) and wicked traffic, we finally arrived home a little after 10pm.  We did stop for groceries and to kill a little time in Summit County because traffic was so lame but still – over five hours and a mere 2 1/2 hours of skiing the day before?  Classic Steamboat.  Phew…no wonder I’m tired this week.

For real though, I need to focus on my NCAA brackets right now.  It is go time and I can’t put it off any more.  The tourney starts in full swing tomorrow and I am nervous and excited to see how these teams and my Jayhawks play out.

Nighty night.


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