taking our chances

What a weekend.  We couldn’t decide where to ski so we flipped a coin.  SO glad our coin chance landed on tails – Winter Park all the way.  It wasn’t as fluffy as last weekend but I did get to show Dan a few new runs in the trees.  We also took several laps through some trees with Jared which is when the sky opened up and began dumping snow on us.  To say that it was snowing is an understatement – it was pounding snow at 3 inches an hour.  After the lifts closed, we headed out of town only to turn the car around during our drive down the pass (see picture above taken through the windshield) due to the white knuckle driving (by Dan, not me) the mini snow slides and the chance that this would be the perfect storm.

Turns out, chance was on our side.

They closed Berthoud Pass and we found a cheap hotel.  After a quick trip for contact solution, snacks for the next day, pizza, and beer, we were all set to settle in for a long winter’s nap.  Well…only after writing and emailing in sub plans.

Morning came and chance brought us 16 inches of new snow overnight.  16 inches!   It was glorious and awful all in one.  Don’t get me wrong.  I absolutely love snow and this day was no different, however, 16 inches of fresh snow makes it nearly impossible to get anywhere without huffing and puffing and turning and sweating…it was heavy and fluffy, and well, you get the point.  I do believe it is the deepest snow I have ever made turns in.  I would definitely classify this day as EPIC since the clouds were sparse, the wind was calm, and the sun was bright.  What are the chances?

I managed to catch my breath for long enough to video Dan in the trees.  I appologize for the huffing, as mentioned, making turns in snow that deep is really exhausting, just ask my sore quads…

Once again Dan, Jared, and I closed down the lifts.

We were beat.

Dan and I took a chance and made a quick stop into this quirky sweets shop in Empire before pulling our tired selves out of the car and then into bed by 9:15.  You know we played hard if we were in bed that early.  Good times.

Mmmm, chocolate shake!


I truly expected this Tuesday back to be terriblehorrible but it was quite delightful.  Thankgoodness!  Tomorrow is sure to be long with the start of parent-teacher conferences but I’m not scared.  I’ve got a double long list of want to get done items and I think I just might get to most of them.  Hooray.

Oh, for all you google reader folk, check out my new blog banner.  Don’t you love Damask?


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