WHOLE (GO/venture2 : day5)


See Kal’s take HERE.  See Elise’s take HERE. See the Flickr group HERE.

Day 5?  Yep, I skipped ahead to Day 5.  Maybe sometime I’ll finish up the Day 4 : PERMANENT prompt because let’s just say great minds think alike.  I had some sketches started for that one and for lack of self-control, I peeked at the other solutions already posted and they kind of stole my thunder.  But hey, this is all about adventure and who stinkin’ cares if someone else chose a similar path.  Anyways…

I thought and thought about the word WHOLE.  At first I went all natural – holistic thinking and then I thought about how everything adds up to feeling whole – sum of all parts kinda thinking.  I never really put pen to paper with those thoughts though.  Tonight I sat down to write up a completely different post not relating to GO!ventures when all the sudden I got the hokey pokey in my head with the phrase “whole self in” screaming out at me.

Ain’t that the truth?

I went to work in picnik with my words and once again – putting my WHOLE SELF in, I arrived at the above result much past my bedtime.  Dang that whole self thing.

It is no wonder I am completely spent sitting here on a Saturday night.  I put my whole self into this day and yesterday.  And the day before that?  WHOLE self!  I know it is never good to do things half-hearted but once in awhile it sure would be refreshing to just approach life with a little less than EVERYTHING I’ve got.  But, that’s just not who I am so I might as well embrace it.

When you get me, you get my WHOLE self.

The end.


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