COINCIDENCE (GO/venture2 : day3)

See Kal’s crazy cool drawing HERE.   And, of course, the Flickr group HERE.  Next word prompt:  PERMANENT and the last day is WHOLE.


Wanna know the story?  Well, settle in..this is a good one.

I was all set to skip this COINCIDENCE prompt but the circumstances were just meant TO be.  I guess that’s just how it goes.  I created these cootie catchers from the images of last night’s KU vs. CU basketball game.  There is (of course!) more to this story as to why on earth I would choose these recent photographs and why on earth I would make them into a cootie catcher.  More on that in a minute but in the meantime time, here’s how I got from point A to point B.

So I took this shot from last night

jayhawks huddle

and this self-portrait from my TV time appearance (do you see me there between their heads!?)

and turned it into this print

and glued this on the other side

I saw this post on Photojojo this morning and it got me thinking about cootie catchers – you know the great fortune tellers of elementary school.  The likelihood of any of the folded paper predictors actually coming true is next to none as in FAT CHANCE.  On the flip side of that…to go looking for a coincidence is kinda like the same thing.   But nonetheless, I looked.  I tried to see the unlikely and the slim-to-none chances of two things colliding at the perfect moment and just when I had brushed it off, it happened.  My flap in my cootie catcher came to be.

Dan and I cheer hard for the KU Jayhawks.  Since we are in Denver now, we go as far as buying tickets to see them play against CU at the Coors arena.  In the past, our luck with seats has been ideal.  When we got to our seats yesterday, we couldn’t help but be disappointed since they were actually in the very last row of the arena.  Bummer, dude.

We headed down to the third row to get some up-close warm up/shoot around photos.  I love seeing this part of the action each game.  During this time, a gal motioned for Dan and me to come down to the front row.  At first, I believed we were in her seats but, as it turned out, she need to fill the seats directly behind the ESPN announcers to look good when they went on air.  Oh, sure…yea, we could help her out.

She thanked us over and over and said we were welcome to stay until someone came to fill these sure-to-be-sold seats.  We were happy to be on the front row and pleased to be on TV.  “Hi Mom and Dad!” was all I could think to myself.  It was a blast.  The guys went on air and there we were on National Television.  I stole a moment to prop my camera in my lap for a self pic to document the experience.  The game started and we kept waiting for the ticket holders to show.  More time passed and the more we got comfortable with our unreal seats.  And then it hit me.  We went from last row to front row just like that – FAT CHANCE!  Big COINCIDENCE, right place at the right time…not likely at all but somehow, it happened and it was great.

The game was rocky and rough and CU played like we should have.  We missed free throws and they made three point shots.  We squeaked it into over-time and finally claimed the “W” but not after a lot of anxiety.  It was too close for our No. 1 Jayhawks but a win is a win.

I think my favorite memory would have been missed without our coincidence seats.  Two die hard CU fans sitting right next to us began taunting Sherron Collins at the end of over-time.   I’m not a fan of the taunting but the exchange between Collins and them was priceless.  He strutted, he flexed, he gave him the number 1 sign and said “We’re #1” and I waved him off.  He smiled.  I captured blurry pictures of the entire event.

I also loved the part when Bill Self came out after the game and got an interview with Bill Rafferty.  I couldn’t resist the geeky fan thing to do and, as he walked off, I yelled, “GO Bill!” as if that means anything.  He waved at me.  I’m such a dork.

All in all, a serious chance happening coincidence of magnitude and I’m so glad I was pushed to see it.

Below is more of a collection so that I will not soon forget this COINCIDENCE.

I have serious Self respect…

Thanks for making it to the end of my book-long recap of this crazy night. You make writing and remembering more fun.


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  1. Not bad, Dork! Loved it! What a coincidink that I read this after talking to your mom about you being on TV! Sure would’ve been nice if she’d just called to TELL US BEFORE the game!

    February 5, 2010 at 9:43 p

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