WANDER (GO/venture2: day1)


See Kal’s vintage bus roll HERE.  See Elise’s globe HERE.


Okay, okay…I have gobs to say about how I arrived at this piece, however, early morning meetings + morning duty + Tuesday hard day + post-observation meeting tell me that I have already spent my daily allowance on this little adventure.

But I can’t leave you hanging like that so…

Let’s just say that I sat up in bed on Saturday morning and said, “Prone to Wander!” and then went back to sleep.  It was a sign.  I am prone to wander.  I need reminders to stay the course, bind my heart, and keep working towards the goal.  HOWEVER, allowing myself to wander also leads to great things…great places, great people, great ideas…great adventures.  Wandering is okay.

I made collage on a canvas with an old Missouri map, vellum, graph paper, cardboard, colored pencils, raffia, acrylic, and mat medium.  Good times.

It’s funny too, because after all that…this collage was my second go-around for WANDER.  I actually made a completely separate collage all Saturday afternoon only to realize that I needed to explore and meander through that process to arrive at this end result.  I came home from school today and put the above together based on the visions in my head.  I’ll share my original creation soon but for now I’m off to bed with hopes of having some brilliant dream about tomorrow’s prompt:  INVISIBLE.

And don’t forget to check out the GO!ventures Flickr Group


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