GO!venture2: go + be epic 2010


2009 holiday elfing was so good for my creative juices and I’ve been riding that wave into 2010.  However, as this month comes to a close, I realize I need more motivation to keep making things.

I don’t know how Kal and Elise do it but they read my mind and are once again collaborating for a GO! Adventure Art Challenge next week.  I participated in the last one (see here, here, here, and here) and it was such a great experience – pushed me to get off the couch, off the computer and MAKE SOMETHING! It was fun.

And this time – it’s going to be EPIC!

Here is a blurb from Kal’s blog:

Starting Monday we will be challenging each other to create outstanding works of art-of-some-kind to shake up our creative chakras and get inspiration flowing in the right directions. Paper crafts, paintings, photos, videos, interpretive dance, scrapbooks, layouts, sculpture, anything goes. I so love Elise. She’s a crafty kinda gal and she got all techno-into-the-future and invented a FLICKR group and we are officially encouraging the rest of the world to play along. That’s the EPIC part. Involving people. SHARING creativity. Being part of something bigger than just one brain. Appreciating differences + perspectives + souls + crafts + ideas. And GO. It works like this: we will announce a WORD PROMPT – and then the following day post our best and most inspired solution. Easy. Some will be grand. Some may be simple. It’s simply about getting yourself to GO somewhere new – anything goes.


Oh man, I can hardly wait to get out of school today and start on the first word prompt for Monday:  WANDER.

In a rut?  Feeling the winter blahs?  Come and play with us.  Don’t be shy!



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