steamboat photos and more

I dream of snow.

With the forecast for a light snow tonight, let’s revisit these Steamboat pics from this time last year.

so foggy, frozen, and surreal

and oh, the aspens.


Today was 110%  better than yesterday.  I knew it had to be.  And tomorrow…tomorrow is Thursday which equals no kindergarten kiddos.  Not that I dislike them but I do LIKE the extra hour of time to breathe.

aack and now I think my blood sugar is low because I have tried to typ e this sentence twelve times.  I should hav ejut left all my typos like this … really I’m fine.  nothing a granola bar canp’t fix.  really.  mmm. ganola bar and that 70’s show.  good times.  I gbetter go now.  low blogging is wierd.


One response

  1. these are truly beautiful shots. wow

    January 28, 2010 at 4:17 p

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