Hand-Drawn Rocks (elfing rewind, part 2)

First off, I have to say thanks so much for all the blog love and comments lately.  It sure does make me feel all warm and squishy when I see a new comment from one of you.  Thank you!

Secondly, how about another elfing rewind?  Yes?  Yes, yes…let’s do this thing.

While taking a needle-felting break, I found an article in a magazine for Ashes and Milk.  I went to their website and discovered very cool design and very expensive hand-made stuff.  I am always looking for a good hand-made guy gift so I figured I would give these hand-drawn rocks a try.  (They cost up to $400.oo on the site OMG!!)  My dad has some shelves in their home office filled with all kinds of manly things likes pipes and cigar boxes and, in a strange way, I thought these rocks might fit right in.

I went on a quest to find the perfect rocks – round and flat, gray but not dark, smooth but not shiny.  It was no easy feat.  I tried to buy some and I was even going to stop at rock company near my school when I finally stumbled across some – literally.  I found them outside my local Target and Michael’s.  Shhhh….don’t tell!  I just dropped them right into my Michael’s sack.

I washed them and let them completely dry out on the heat vent.

I decided to use a permanent ultra fine tipped pen like this one in 005 because I wanted a crisp, fine line with no bleeding.  I bought two and used them both up/smashed the tips by the time I finished 5 rocks.

I had fun creating my own designs.  I used the ashes and milk design in my head for inspiration but I really  just let the pen do its thing.  I also made up some organic lines and then I let the curve of the rock guide my hand into making a wood grain design.  I really like the way that turned out (wood grain on rock is funny to me!)

I made these for Christmas but I think these could be great for Valentine’s.  A sweet sentiment or a hidden word on the bottom would mean so much more than a generic card.  Just a thought.  Even if you aren’t overly creative, any lines on the rocks look great and it is fun to draw on something unusual.  Let me know if you cross over to the crazy side and make some of your own hand-drawn rocks.

p.s. spent some time this weekend cleaning up the blog a bit.  I’m not done yet but check out my new blog header.


6 responses

  1. bkwatt

    LOVE~the rocks!!!!

    January 25, 2010 at 8:40 p

  2. Alicia Gould

    Paint pens work really well for this if you want to add color. Although I like the all black too. And a cool saying or bible verse does make it very personal.

    January 25, 2010 at 8:59 p

  3. Hey, this is a project I could actually do and I love the look. Thanks Jen!

    January 26, 2010 at 7:31 p

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  5. WOW…..u r awesome jen! i just wanted to now wat do u do u do if you mess up on a rock? is it washable? cuz i have this really cool rock i found and my sis loves it im gonna make a design on it and give it to her but wat if i mess up real bad? does the design smudge easily or wash of? thanks a lot!
    ps. my names not really poppy

    April 8, 2010 at 2:52 p

  6. yeah heres poppy again. how old r u jen? cuz im only 10. do u think this will be easy for a ten year old? do you think it works good on round, small rocks? how about dark rocks? is the swirrly design easy to make? thanks! -poppy

    April 8, 2010 at 2:58 p

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