The Midas Touch :: DIY metallic watercolors stationary

As an art teacher, I have a thing for new art supplies so when I found cheap metallic watercolors at my fave art store, I was pumped.  I made up a reason to need these and I figured custom stationary as a Christmas gift for my “Queen of Correspondence” Aunt Robin was the perfect solution.

I bought a package of blank cards and envelopes at Michaels and painted up some soft backgrounds and then went to work  with some funky dots.

and what would cool cards be without coordinating envelopes?

When they were all dry, I stacked them up and stuck them under the bed between the mattress and box springs to flatten out over night.  Then, I signed the back and taped a ribbon together as a ring to hold them in a stack.  I put these, along with several other purchased stationary sets, in an old Origins box and tied it up with some fancy ribbon.  Makes a great gift!

And pretty water, too!


One response

  1. Aunt Robin

    And I loved them, too !!!
    What a creative and talented niece.

    January 7, 2010 at 11:55 p

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