Christmas Day

Rewind: So much to share…I better just jump in somewhere!

Fun times on Christmas day!  We woke up to fresh snow and drifts everywhere!

We headed to my aunt and uncle’s for breakfast brunch.

Taylor became my instant buddy and she even liked one of my craft fair finds.  I think red is her color

Playing Price Chopper became quite the hit.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed the tree

and then my dad joined me by the tree.

So good to see the fam!

Alicia and Bill

Aunt Robin and dad

Taylor asking secret questions to me…No, Dan isn’t my boyfriend.  He’s my husband –  shhh, don’t tell 🙂

And then the guys helped yet another stuck car.  I tell ya, those Missouri drivers in the snow – watch out!!

More Christmas photos to come.


Today: First day back to the nitty gritty at school.  I played dumb all last night telling myself to just not think about the work week.  I guess it worked because I could not, could not for the life of me remember what I had planned for kindergarten or first grade to start today.  Luckily just as I walked in the building I remembered my planner in my trunk.  Thank goodness for post-it note plans from two weeks ago because otherwise I would have been making up total craziness.  Overall, I took a deep breath after my last class today and realized that it wasn’t so bad.  It was good to see the kids and I am happy to be a busy bee back in the art room.  Day 1 of second semester DONE!  Whoop!


One response

  1. Great photos — Taylor looks so darned grown up! Love the Xmas tree pics, esp with you and Randy in them! Thanks for the photo shoot – it was so fun~!


    January 5, 2010 at 7:53 p

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