who has to time do all this DIY?

Inspired by this fun chain print download print-and-make.


I have some leftover clear bulbs from a previously abandoned project in the past and I am thinking about trying a few of these inspired globes.  Maybe a few bittersweet blossoms or a peacock feather?

wr 1 500x500 Land Rich

wr 500x500 Land Rich

wr 2 500x500 Land Rich


I always knew felt was cool but, wow-there is so much you can do with it including making re-usable bows.  I probably won’t get around to it this year but I’m storing this in the memory bank.

Felt Bow 1 500x711 Five Days of Felt: No.1


And how could I leave out some excellent font inspiration?  3-D fonts?  Yes, please!  There has to be a way to create a cool project for my students using these.  Maybe I’ll have them spell out positive sentiments such as PEACE or INSPIRE.  Oh, who am I kidding?  They will just want to spell WOW and then try to pass it off as a gift to their MOM.



Today was great.  Grades are done and exported and let’s just say our Specials team has set the teaching speedometer to coast.  As in, we are banding together and pooling our resources to make this week work for each of us. Lots of singing Christmas songs, dodgeball, and holiday program video watching.  Who am I kidding?  I started coasting immediately after Thanksgiving and I officially ran out of gas last Thursday.  Oh well…we can do this.

I have so many other fun things to share/ ideas swimming in my head but the days just aren’t long enough right now.  This is such a busy week!  Kansas City in four days.  To do list four pages long.  Time for bed.


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