loving these lately

I heart, heart, heart…

Hint O’Mint Newman O’s (Even if a certain someone is a cookie monster around here.)

My new tallll stripe socks to wear with warm boots – Costco, baby.  (And my little dog, too!)

our twinkling lights on this brrrrrrr cold night.  (Five degrees, seriously?)

pretty packages tied up with string. (I got my sweet birdie!!)

and some not so pretty packages tied up with, er, uh, tape?  (did you catch that?  it says “open until Christmas” I better get started…)

And last but not least, figuring out the Image Stabilization was turned off after they reset my camera (problem solved, only two months later!)

One response

  1. I LOVE your stripped socks! Tall socks are my new fav item this season. Thanks for stopping by our Blog and I’m super glad you remembered us from the Adams County Show :).

    December 10, 2009 at 2:45 p

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