icing on the weekend cake

The snow has fallen all day long.  What perfect icing to this lovely weekend!

**images from a tiny project

*Friday night was less than I imagined but the $1 eggnog chai latte from Pekoe nearly made up for it.

*Saturday was a flurry of activity from the Holiday Handmade craft show, Adams County craft show, shoppingshoppingshopping, buying, trying to find, driving, church, home, and chili making!  It was a busy, jolly, good day.  I actually got a lot of things checked off the list.

*Sunday has been a winter wonderland.  We were all set to head for the hills to the Birds of Prey World Cup ski races today but our cozy warm bed sounded better.  Seriously, we skipped the races to be lazy and tackle a few fun projects at home today.  I stayed in my jammies all day long while the snow fell down and I tried my hand at cinnamon rolls from scratch.  They tasted pretty good but I think my recipe needed something and the altitude made them more like cinnamon rocks so I eventually shared them with the trashcan.  We also enjoyed lots of yummy chili with cornbread and busied ourselves with lots of little projects.  I would love to show some of them off but I’ve got top secret things going on here at the Northcraft workshop.  I’ll try to share what I can throughout the next two weeks.

I feel like I am juggling so many fun projects right now and it makes me feel full.  I am staying ahead of the game still but I don’t think I have one single project completed.  You know, things like ink jets running out of color ink, needle felting needles snapping, tips to my ultra fine pens breaking, those kinds of things.  I promised myself to not bite off more than I can chew before we go home to KC for Christmas.  I started early this year so I think I’m on track except that Dan has officially revolted against my Christmix 09 tunes (such a grinch!).  I had to pull out my earphones during my last bit of project making this evening.  His loss.

And by the way, last chance to get your copy of my Christmix 09.

Here is the playlist…such good ones this year.

1 2000 Miles – KT Tunstall
2 Wishing for This – Leigh Nash
3 Winter Wonderland – Goldfrapp
4 Winter Snow –  Audrey Assad and Chris Tomlin
5 What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?  – Mindy Smith
6 Underneath the Mistletoe – Blondfire
7 River – Travis
8 Raise the Tree – Trent Dabbs
9 Peace Is Here – Jars of Clay
10 No Christmas for Me –  Zee Avi
11 My Dear Acquaintance (A Happy New Year) – Regina Spektor
12 Maybe Next Year (X-Mas Song) – Meiko
13 Little Drummer Boy – Erin McCarley
14 Let It Snow – Ben Rector
15 Joy to the World – Sufjan Stevens
16 Jingle Bells – Lisa Loeb
17 I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day – Jars of Clay
18 The Heartache Can Wait – Brandi Carlile
19 Evergreen – Switchfoot
20 Christmastime Is Here – Jars of Clay

Kates, I will put your copy in the mail Monday PM!

And how about a few more weekend inspirations…

Stay warm, friends!


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