Danger Dan

My husband is a funny guy.  He is clever and smart and, not to mention, extremely ambitious.  Let’s just say he has enough ambition for the both of us.

Over our Thanksgiving holiday, we tackled several projects together.

Project A:  Make burritos for ski lunches.

We always like to pack a good meal in our packs when we go skiing.  Instead of paying $2.50 for the frozen organic burritos at the store, we decided to make our own to freeze.  While chopping the onions, Dan noticed his eyes were watering.  Moments later he returned with his solution.

Ski goggles and his helmet.  I’ve got to give him props – the onion was ridiculously strong.

Project B:  Custom ski jacket.

Dan decided he wanted to make his next ski coat someday and I asked him if he had ever even used a sewing machine.  Big fat nope!  Over break, I sat down with him and showed him how to thread the machine and bobbin and how to make a straight stitch and pin two fabrics together to sew.  He’s definitely a natural although he’s still practicing the back stitch technique.  I’d say he is well on his way to a custom ski coat.  Oh, the ambition.

Project C:  Keep track of all the great ski memories this year. (A.K.A:  Blower Pow days!)

I love to blog.  I enjoy keeping track of my images and the little bits that I write take me back to the time and place.  I encouraged Dan to start a blog so that he could record and keep track of his most favorite time of the year…ski season.  Even the best days get forgotten when we don’t take time to remember them.

So I present to you Dan’s ski blog – Danger Rocks ::  Life from the Trees.

See, I told you he was clever and ambitious (See the post on Season Ski Goals).  Now he has a place to go all ski tech savvy on you and you all get to see a glimpse into his thorough, one-track-engineer-mind.  This should be fun!  So, head on over there and give that guy some blog love.  Go on now…

And don’t forget to visit the HFHSVV Five Dollar Difference site and drop off your 5!  Scroll down for more info or click HERE.


3 responses

  1. Would LOVE to have you do a guest tutorial! (note: I seriously thought my computer was dying until I realized your blog was snowing instead…ha!) E-mail me with your ideas!

    December 3, 2009 at 3:19 p

  2. Devil

    where do I put my burrito order in? Also, my ski coat order.

    December 3, 2009 at 8:13 p

    • Jen

      Devil Devin, Let’s see you on the hill and we’ll talk about the burrito order! Miss you guys!

      December 3, 2009 at 9:10 p

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