this break

Seriously enjoyed this break to the fullest!

Dan and I made our own thanksgiving feast and enjoyed it by candlelight!  We also dragged out all the Christmas decor and have been taking in all the twinkle.

Friday we ventured to downtown Denver where I had my first (gasp) pumpkin bagel and pumpkin cream cheese of the season.

We also did a little shopping in my newest favorite area of inspiration on South Broadway.  Meiningers and Fancy Tiger = love!!  I told Dan that I always leave that area with my brain so FULL of creative juices and then I go home and it all dries up.  NO way this time, I am definitely going to put those juices into practice!  From here on out, my motto is now “BE . DO . MAKE!” – just like the window says.  Ohhh, and check out my new blog header, just in time for the season!

And speaking of juice, I was able to whip up a batch of overnight orange juice french toast.  I’ll share that recipe soon.  It is divine!

We also filled up our screen time with Jayhawk basketball, Oceans Eleven, and hours upon hours of old “The Office” episodes via Netflix.   Hours, I tell you!

I feel like I am just bubbling over with excitement about this time of year. I have lots of things to share!   Tune in tomorrow for the reveal of my Christmix 2009.  You guys are going to love it!


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