Dan made me scones while I sat on the couch being Mrs. NorthCRAB since I was feeling under the weather.  Seems I have reboarded the sick train and I am not happy about it.  Only a day and half of school this week and then ressssssssssss(zzz)t is on the way.  I think I can, I think I can…  Indeed, I will conquer this sick train.

The sick train did manage to interfere with my day on Saturday wherein I pouted and griped all day long while I shot daggers at anything or anyone who looked in my general direction and managed to accomplish nothing.

However, I did not let that train stop us from going to Loveland to ski for our demo day today.  I tried out about 8 different skis and it was cold.  It was also windy.  It was also at a higher altitude than Copper and, therefore, made us huff and puff like the big bad wolf.  It was also my first long ski day and the silly fundraiser stations from Friday would not let me forget about them and they proceeded to make my quads shout “Why didn’t you go to the rec center all those days after school like you promised and even packed your bag so you had no excuse?!!”  Alas, my ski legs will show up again one of these days.  But, other than that and my annoying runny nose, it was a really great day.

My run on sentence quota has been met for today so I think I’ll quit while I’m ahead or behind – whatever.  I think the Sudafed is affecting my brain.


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