Tim is on my side

My, how time flies. Or, maybe I should say “How Tim flies.”  I chucked at this Fed Ex truck slogan today.  I don’t know who Tim is but I wonder if he has a lot of TIME?  heeheehee….

One year ago today I wrote this post about my Daddy O’s Birthday.  Oh, happy day to you, Dad.

Three months ago I celebrated my 29th Birthday and the beginning of my first full week as an elementary art teacher.

In one week I will be celebrating a Thanksgiving day party with my old sweet kooky bunch and all the gang (YEAH J and U!).

One month from today I will be ending first semester and entering Christmas break.

In one month and a day I will be home for the holidays in Kansas City.

And between now and then you can find me at Loveland for a demo day this weekend.

On Dec. 4-5, I will definitely be at Fancy Tiger’s Holiday Handmade craft fair.  Ladies of Denver, can we please make this a date??

Also on that weekend – Birds of Prey.  So pumped to see World Cup skiing.

Such a busy bee.  So glad I’m not Tim – I think the world would be heavy.


One response

  1. Dan

    Looking forward to testing skis with you, J.

    November 18, 2009 at 1:19 p

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