freezer paper stencils

I attended a fun holiday fair this weekend and it got my mind buzzing for new Christmas gift ideas.  I’ll be sure to share as things progress but, in the meantime, let’s revisit one of last year’s winners.

Maybe you’ve seen these before but it doesn’t hurt to remind ourselves of the wonderful powers of freezer paper stencils.  There are many tutorials out there including one HERE and a new one HERE.  I like the idea of using a sponge brush instead of a regular paintbrush because I did have a tendency to try to put the paint on too thick.  It also helps to keep the design simple but, being the crazy that I am, I chose to do one with lots of curves and cut-outs.  Dumb me but I was happy with the end results.


Either way this is a simple way to make something personal and CHEAP!

Here are a few pics from last year that I made for my cousin Ali and her daughter Taylor.

Cut out and ironed on

twin stencils

Painted in – be sure to let the paint dry before pulling off the paper

painted blossoms

and then I couldn’t stop so I made a stencil for this cute suitcase I found – you can use this idea for anything!!

suitcase stencil

The happy recipients

ali and taylor

There are so many good ideas floating around and Flickr has a million great ones.  See some new ones HERE (love the Otis dachshund one!) or check out the Flickr group for freezer paper stencils HERE .

How about you?  What holiday projects are you working towards?





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