Snow Day One

Snow Day:  Day One pictures

snow day smiles

A few sights on the walk to and from the store for pumpkin bread supplies…

buried berries

buried bug

frosty leaves

snowed leaf

Quattro in the snowsnow dogs

After a little play outside it was time to get cozy inside while the snow kept falling.

boots and fall things

Check out this SNOW GLOW!  Love it.

snow glow windows

And a view from the kitchen where the pumpkin bread was baking.

backyard snow

piled up pergola

and the bread…mmm!

pumpkin bread

And if you didn’t hear – I got the magic call last night announcing another snow day for today!!!!

It has stopped snowing now but we got A LOT of snow.  I think the final totals for our house were around 18 inches (yes, I measured!)  Snow day TWO pictures coming up tomorrow!  Right now I have to muster up enough energy to finish out the work week tomorrow.  It’s Halloween party day, I’m gonna need the energy.


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