<< > >> last day

handful of fall

So it must have been a good weekend because I am struggling with a severe case of Sunday blues.

A quick rundown of the weekend:

<< Rewind: Friday Racines Restaurant!  We finally got to check out this Denver dining and we can’t wait to take part in their weekend brunch sometime.  Mmm Monty Cristo sandwhich.

pizza face

Saturday we grabbed the dogs and made a final trip to the Boulder Farmer’s Market for the year.  The brick oven pizza is worth the trip but we couldn’t leave without some fresh, organic apple cider and pumpkin bread.  Plus, the rustling and rolling leaves made it magical.  Tis the season.

copper caught

> Play: Today was so gray and wintery with fluffy snow flakes, I couldn’t help but snuggle my little dog and listen to Elsie’s Autumn Playlist while making my new blog banner (check out the plaid!).  Need some tunes?  Enjoy it RIGHT HERE – and feel free to press repeat for song number 3.  I can never tire of that Grizzly Bear’s song.

We did some cleaning and, with winter and ski season just around the corner, Dan is busy installing our new doggie door right now.  Long ski days can be hard on the doggie’s bladders so we are going to try giving them some freedom while we are hitting the slopes this year.

>> Fast Forward: We definitely have skiing on the brain with the upcoming Warren Miller film in just two short weeks.  We bought our tickets for the show and set a date with friends for our first ski day on Nov. 7!


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