ll < >> day 2

two of a kind

*My co-worker and me with our spirit week “twin” outfits on.  Don’t you just love how those first grade Van Gogh sunflowers turned out?

<< Rewind: Couldn’t resist a peek back to this time last year HERE.  I was in KC visiting Ron and the fam.  We lived it up in Lawrence and cheered for the Jayhawks at Late Night and I won’t mention what happened to my contacts and a certain coffee maker (oops, I just did!)  I guess I could put this under the “fast forward” category too because I can’t wait for the season to begin.

And while I’m at it…doesn’t it seem like millions of years ago that I wrote about some misadventures HERE shortly after our move to Denver back in October 2006?  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

>  Play: Currently enjoying this hot oil scent from Bath and Body Works.  Makes my house smell more homey in a good way.

leaves me alone

>>  Fast Forward: I already mentioned this today but it was a snowy, gray day and I couldn’t help but look forward to November and all of the wintertime that follows.  Oh, how I love snow and skiing and eggnog chai lattes.  I saw the first snow last weekend in Breck and I know this is about looking forward but I can’t help but acknowledge where we are right now before the snow falls down.

breckenridge oct 09

*snow coming sooon.





the front range


One response

  1. Dan N

    Yes, snow and ski lifts!

    BTW, don’t you need to make a post about a Bob and Larry cookie cutter we got free from an innocent clerk at Family Christian Bookstores?

    October 22, 2009 at 10:32 p

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