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Turns out I took a long pause…after conferences ended more meetings came and sickness burrowed deeper.  I spent most of this weekend trying to kick this cold.  No flu for me, just a nasty cold that started in September and I think this weekend was the worst of it.  I just wanted to sleep and breathe.  Strangely simple when I think about it.  I stayed home sick today and dragged myself out of bed for my doctor’s appointment.  Again, no flu for me just an upper respiratory infection with no meds just a doctor’s note to stay home from work until Friday.  Uhmm, I don’t think I’m that contagious.  Plus, after the rest of the day in bed, a Netflix movie later, and what seems to be my appetite (GROWL), I finally feel mostly normal.  I know I don’t want to push my luck but I really do feel better than I have in quite a while.

Moving on…
I thought this whole I idea of pause would be a nice one to play with since I mentioned in my last post that I have things I want to remember and am looking forward to.  Feel free to play along all week.

<< Rewind :

Enjoyed my time in Summit County for the Art Conference last weekend – especially the time spent with my friend Tambrie.

Tambrie and Me

> Play:

Still exploring this idea of “play” in the art room.  I prefer to call it a “Studio Day” because play sounds like it isn’t as important.

This sweet girl took one of Dan’s old house plans from Habitat and wrote a note to her family.

dear fam

*it reads:  Dear Family,  I heart u.  for my birthday I want to go to…the mountains to hang out!  and camp out.  for my presnt I just want…LOVE! Isn’t that just darling?

>> Fast Forward:

Dan and I aren’t really musical people so to say but when I heard Wicked would be in Denver, I said we needed to go.  I’ve heard from more than one source that this one is a keeper.  Can’t wait to see it in November.


Okay – I better take care of myself and head to bed.  Looking forward to hearing what things you are enjoying from the past, present and future!


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  1. danielle

    We LOVE Wicked!

    October 20, 2009 at 8:19 p

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